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Diverse Learning Environments


Our Infants program goes far beyond regular childcare. ​At Purple Rose our babies are safe, secure, and happy. Our Infants are also given care based on their individual needs. 


This practice fosters a trusting and close relationship between the teacher, the child, and their parents.

In this classroom,  our infants will enjoy:

  • Warm, nurturing classroom environments

  • Stimulating activities with educational toys

  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum

  • Immersive learning



At this age, our educators pay special attention to fostering language and communication as well as developing executive function skills in order to lay the foundation for preschool readiness.

Here at Purple Rose, toddlers receive encouragement and guidance toward the growth of their physical skills and emerging milestones:

  • Stimulating classroom environments

  • Exclusive milestone-based curriculum

  • Immersive learning experiences

  • Educational toys and activities.​

Child Playing




We care that your child is ready for elementary school and that they stay on track as a school-age student. Our program provides structure and supervision in the mornings and afternoons, while we keep children energized with healthy snacks.


Our educators guide children to develop a positive self-concept while understanding their impact on others and the world around them.


School-agers participate in team building and character development activities, as well as community service projects.

In addition, our educators provide homework assistance in a quiet area so that your child’s education does not stop at the end of the school day.


For active learners, Preschool is a crucial stop on the journey toward elementary school and future academic success. Active, hands-on early childhood learning experiences guide children’s development in key school readiness skills. Our Preschool program is centered on:

  • Building independence

  • Collaboration and communication skills

  • Hands-on learning

  • Literacy and number concepts

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